Vanessa Frias-Martinez

Assistant Professor in the iSchool 
Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department
University of Maryland, College Park
2123B Hornbake Building, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

Research Interests
Social and urban computing, behavioral modeling, large-scale spatio-temporal data mining, 
information and communication technologies for development

My research interests lie in the area of social computing with a focus on the intersection between big data, policy and social development. I combine data mining and applied machine learning techniques to extract socially significant information from the digital traces of mobile and ubiquitous technologies. My ultimate goal is to reveal behavioral fingerprints that might be useful to organizations and policy makers working for social development.

For more information, check the Urban Computing Lab website.

03/10: Paper accepted at MDM on mobility patterns during disasters
11/12: Paper accepted at AAAI on socioeconomic maps and topic models!
10/29/14: Our H1N1 work and its potential impact on Ebola in The Economist

Student Recruiting
I am always looking for new PhD students as well as  masters or undergrads interested in working on research projects with me. If you are highly motivated and have a background in AI, machine learning, data analytics, stats or physics, send me an email with your CV. (Important: You will need to go through the PhD application process for the iSchool, but I can tell you whether I´m a good match for your research interests)